Popular commercial property assets


Ever wondered what sort of commercial property assets people buy when they take out commercial loans?

The most popular type of purchase is offices, followed by retail and industrial, according to data from APRA, Australia’s banking regulator.

* Offices = 31% of commercial property loans by value

* Retail = 25%

* Industrial = 14%

* Land development / subdivisions = 5%

* Other residential = 11%

* Tourism & leisure = 4%

* Other = 10%

The big four banks provide about three-quarters of Australia’s commercial property finance, according to APRA.

The rest come from challenger lenders, who may offer more flexible terms and/or lower interest rates.

Which type of lender is best for you? It all depends on your unique financial circumstances. An experienced finance broker will know whether your scenario is best placed with a big bank or a niche lender. 

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